Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Class of '18

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Class of ’18: Dari Barbara Palvin Hingga Ke Muka Baru Kelsey Merritt

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Jourdana Phillips

Words can not express how I feel right now but I’m going to try lol. ?Thank you @victoriassecret for giving me the opportunity to walk for a THIRD time!! I’ve been in and out of the modeling industry for aaaaaaaminute ⏱, and didn’t get my first break till I was 25? I would literally be in a classroom teaching first graders right now if it wasn’t for some really amazing people in my life that encouraged me to give modeling one more shot (i still love the kiddies tho ?? lol). I hope my journey encourages you to never give up, to trust, to believe in your dreams. To always remember what is for you is always for you. Follow your heart and trust me you will always be abundant. Thank you so much @johndavidpfeiffer @10magazine @monica.mitro @ed_razek not only for believing in me but being kind, genuine, sweet, loving people in the processs. Every girl that leaves the VS casting has the biggest smile on their face because you all are so loving and positive. It’s such a joy to have the privilege to work with you all. I’m so lucky!! I feel so alive on the VS runway because you are truly able to be 100% yourself. You can be sexy, laugh, sing, cry, fall, dance whatever because it’s not about being perfect, it’s about letting the real you shine for the world to see. #3 #thankyougod #victoriassecret2018 Thank you @suprememgmt for always havin ya girls back! And thank you @rjathayde for getting my booty right! ?

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