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10 Soalan Hari Bahagia Alicia Amin

10 Soalan Tentang Hari Berbahagia Alicia Amin

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6. Mengapa Memilih Gaun Rekaan Alia Bastamam? Apakah Inspirasi Di Sebalik Gaun Tersebut?

I had always loved the last atelier Babylon collection & the bridal collection show that I walked and also closed for Alia Bastamam. Knowing that all her designs are ethereal and (hopefully) I could fit runway pieces. Saya hubungi mereka untuk sewa gaun nikah. Walaupun akad nikah di lakukan di pejabat, namun mestilah mahu nampak cantik. And then they allowed nikah at the masjid and my mom wanted a home ceremony, so we picked one gown that was appropriate for masjid but still me, and the lace number which never made it to the runway with a nude tube because that is also very me.